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Our customers use our custom Adobe InDesign scripts to:

  • Update prices.
  • Generate complex catalogs.
  • Create sales circulars from XML data.
  • Fill page templates with ERP data directly in InDesign.
  • Automatically place thousands of images on pages.

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Artist paints firm H. Schmincke & Co. GmbH & Co. KG uses InDesign scripts from T+S to generate price lists.

Schmincke – InDesign Scripting and the World of Artists’ Paints in every Color

We create price lists using customized scripts in InDesign. This involves rapidly filling page templates with data from an XML file. By using this plug-in, we were able to optimize workflows, eliminate sources of errors, and essentially manage the price list creation process much more efficiently. In total, the time needed was halved. We find it was a good investment in working efficiently.

T+S supported us fantastically at all times.

Christine Schaefer, Marketing

H. Schmincke & Co. GmbH & Co. KG

Advertising agency die rekord (Rekord werbe GmbH) in Innsbruck uses an InDesign script by T+S.

Food Sales Catalogs – Fresh Daily

With the help of scripts for InDesign developed by T+S, we were able to quickly and efficiently implement a very substantial product catalog for our customers. Through the script, we saved a lot of time filling, because all information, texts, and images were automatically incorporated. Mr. Tschuschner was very professional in working with us and we were excellently supported and advised during the entire process.

Stefanie Zoller, Marketing

die rekord

Millenium automatically places pixel codes for its audio pen using InDesign scripts from T+S.

Show it – say it!

Making books with thousands of codes for our audio pen was a huge challenge for our workflow. The overhead during the typesetting phase was gigantic; our rate of errors high. With the customized InDesign scripts from T+S, we succeeded in reducing both to a minimum. What used to take days we now do in a matter of mere minutes.

Maren Lösch, Marketing



Generating flyers and catalogs (18 languages, about 1,500 pages)

T+S enables us to create comprehensive product catalogs and product flyers in various language versions quickly and efficiently. With our old catalog software, when we created a new catalog, we had to fit all the images into image frames by hand all over again.

The InDesign extension from T+S does that automatically. Existing image elements remain in the desired form. That saves us a lot of time, so we can place our focus on new products and how to represent them. Our design wishes are taken into account as well. After consultation with T+S, the script can be further developed at any time. The team from T+S is by our side with know-how, and the support throughout the entire process is really ideal. The interface to an online shopping experience for our customers was made possible by T+S as well. Through suitable linking of image and article numbers to our online shop, we were able to generate an online flip catalog using the script.

We worked wonderfully together and we would willingly work together with you time and time again!

Christina Köffer, Manager of Graphics, Prepress, Photography and Video

VKF Renzel GmbH

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