T+S Builds Automatic Printing Solutions with
Adobe InDesign Server

Complete solutions for automatic print production

T+S Builds Automatic Printing Solutions with Adobe InDesign Server

Complete solutions for automatic print production

Adobe InDesign Server

Adobe InDesign Server is a composition and layout engine providing all the functionality of the desktop version of Adobe InDesign for design, layout, and typography – without the desktop user interface. InDesign Server allows high-quality InDesign documents to be created automatically. This makes InDesign Server ideal for integration into content management, publishing workflow, and printing solutions for database publishing and online editing.

T+S builds complete publishing solutions with InDesign Server

Our solutions powered by InDesign Server can:

  • Fully automate document production and editorial workflows
  • Slash the time needed to produce catalogs, directories, pricebooks
  • Integrate with systems: PIM, DAM, WCMS, ERP, Web2Print
  • Enable personalized marketing
  • Allow staff to proof documents online
We at T+S build solutions incorporating Adobe InDesign Server. We connect InDesign Server to editorial systems, web-to-print systems, database publishing systems, PIM (product information management) systems, and CMS (content management systems) in order to create InDesign documents fully automatically through defined workflows.

Database publishing solutions

Our database publishing system solutions enable companies to produce catalogs, directories, guides, and a variety of other documents fully automatically. We architect and implement complete solutions for storing and managing database content, rendering complex layouts using dynamic templates and InDesign scripts, and producing print output and PDF files.

Online editing solutions

Online editing solutions from T+S enable users to check or change documents. For example, a content manager can enter data into a PIM system, edit the data, and then check an automatically rendered print proof – without the need for InDesign installed on the content manager’s computer.

The communication between the database system and InDesign Server is performed by InDesign scripts. The script fills the defined templates with variable data from the database system. The output of the script is InDesign documents that are sent back to the database server as PDF files or JPG preview images. The database system then displays the PDF files or JPG preview images for visual control by the content manager.

Talk to us about your publishing needs

If you would like to speed up, automate, and simplify publishing workflows using InDesign Server, get in touch with us. We can accelerate laying out perfectly crafted documents without sacrificing quality. A variety of data sources, data formats, and designs can be applied to flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your needs.
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