Adobe InDesign Scripting Services

Fast. Flexible. Flawless. Our customized InDesign scripts perform repetitive tasks for you, freeing you to be at your creative best.

Adobe InDesign Scripting Services

Fast. Flexible. Flawless. Our customized InDesign scripts perform repetitive tasks for you, freeing you to be at your creative best.

Adobe InDesign scripting from a leading specialist – produce perfect documents fast

Generate flawless documents faster with your own customized InDesign script from T+S.

Our InDesign scripting service for your documents:

  • Fully custom-tailored InDesign scripts for all InDesign layouts and documents on Windows and Mac
  • Price lists, catalogs, flyers, and more at the touch of a button
  • Use data from external sources directly in InDesign
  • Over 15 years of expertise developing InDesign solutions (scripts, extensions, templates)
  • Prompt service

We develop customized InDesign scripts for you to automatically execute InDesign commands. InDesign scripting automates publishing workflows, enabling clever solutions at the touch of a button. InDesign scripting increases your productivity and efficiency.

As one of the leading specialists for InDesign scripting in central Europe, we offer you customized InDesign scripts as a service.

Our InDesign scripts automatically replace data in documents, create complex layouts using XML files, adjust text, and let content flow into fixed and fluid layouts in the desktop publishing software Adobe InDesign.

What you can do with mouse clicks and keyboard taps can be done automatically by our InDesign scripts – no matter how complex the workflow.

Get in touch about InDesign scripting now

Discover a world of document production possibilities with InDesign scripting from T+S. Discuss your needs with our expert.

Teleophone: +49 89 54746 433

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How can you simplify your work with InDesign scripting from T+S?

Let yourself be inspired! Below are only a few of the many possibilities a custom script from T+S can offer you.

Update prices

A customized InDesign script searches for old prices in a price list and replaces them with new ones. Either by applying a factor to each price or by importing prices from your ERP system.

Connect external data sources to InDesign

Connect to external data sources (REST API, XML files, CSV files, Excel files) and place data in templates in InDesign documents.

Create entire catalogs

InDesign scripts generate complex catalogs with graphics, text, barcodes and QR codes– fully automatically.

Automatically place graphics on pages

An InDesign script automatically inserts and places graphics in documents, page after page.

Create personalized flyers using XML files

Using data from a CSV file, an InDesign script creates personalized flyers including a custom QR code.

Fill page templates with PIM data

Use an InDesign script to fill page templates with XML data and graphics from a product information management (PIM) system.

Getting your custom InDesign script from T+S is as easy as 1–2–3!

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Requirements and Firm Offer

You define your InDesign scripting requirements: data source, layout, content to be placed (which, how, where). We provide you with a firm offer for developing an InDesign script for your unique needs.

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After we receive your order, our experts develop and test the InDesign scripting solution agreed to. You receive the tested InDesign script by email and install it on Windows or Mac.

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You execute the InDesign script to create your InDesign document. A perfectly created document! Great!

Get in touch about InDesign scripting now

Discover a world of document production possibilities with InDesign scripting from T+S. Discuss your needs with our expert.

Telephone: +49 89 54746 433

Reap the many benefits of InDesign scripting from T+S.

T+S has been developing custom-tailored InDesign scripts and InDesign extensions for over 15 years – more than 150,000 lines of code to date.

You can rely on our many years of experience in customized typesetting, catalog production, and custom software development. That we take into account special customer requirements and unique processes is our core competence, not an afterthought.

An InDesign script from T+S meets your exact requirements and is a complete solution. Your custom InDesign script can complete your entire project – all the steps that you otherwise would carry out by hand in InDesign – if you would like.

InDesign scripts free of charge found online can perhaps perform parts of your project, but are normally not a complete solution. And you first have to find and test the right scripts, which takes time.

When you work with T+S, you tell us exactly what you want and you also get it. That is economical and ensures the success of the entire project.

InDesign scripting takes advantage of virtually all features and functions of InDesign. Nearly all things you can do in InDesign by hand can be automated – even complex activities, including creating entire catalogs. An InDesign script saves you time and nerves when it comes to consolidating data, communicating with other applications, and parsing XML data or updating hundreds of prices.

A custom InDesign script from T+S lets you do things the modern way and takes care of otherwise mindnumbing, time-consuming, or difficult repeat work for you.

Getting started writing InDesign scripts takes some time and can be extremely difficult without programming and testing knowledge. When you have to create publications under time pressure and wish to focus on the creative work, you don’t have time for watching InDesign scripting tutorials for hours and then trying out the functions to see what might work. It is more economical and time-saving to tell the InDesign scripting experts at T+S what you need, receive a customized InDesign script, and install it.

You specify the results you want. We implement them in your customized InDesign script. Complex workflows and entire catalogs in multiple languages can be created with InDesign scripting solutions from T+S.

Our InDesign scripts are easy to use because they concentrate on the essentials. The panel is intuitive to use. You select what you need and press a button. There are no complex menus.

We send you a ZIP file which you extract (unzip) into a particular folder. After you restart InDesign, you will see a new menu item, “Extensions”. Your InDesign script is in there and can be used immediately.

You receive a firm offer for the development and testing of your InDesign script. There are no subscriptions, no license fees, and no hidden costs.

FAQs – frequently asked questions about InDesign Scripting

InDesign scripting automates routine work involved in creating documents in Adobe InDesign. In just a few minutes, a custom script enables flawless workflows that normally take weeks or even months of work by hand. This frees up graphic designers to do the creative work and deal with last-minute changes (e.g., price updates) under pressure without skipping a beat.

InDesign scripting drastically increases the productivity of graphic designers. It saves time and nerves and simplifies catalog creation because it takes into consideration unique needs for repeated actions in InDesign.

One example of this is replacing old prices with new prices: A custom InDesign script leads to precise results – which is critical when updating the prices of thousands of articles.

Yes, InDesign scripts run on both. We develop your custom InDesign script based on your requirement for either Mac or Windows. If you specify that your custom InDesign script should run under both Mac and Windows, we’ll make it happen. The overhead is increased only slightly.

Adobe InDesign data merge function works only with fixed (not fluid) layouts.  In addition, the data source must meet certain restrictive rquirements. InDesign scripting offers more flexibility and custom-fit solutions for your unique needs.

Depending on the scope and degree of difficulty of your custom InDesign script, you can work in a few days or a few weeks with your custom InDesign script.

For over 15 years and since Adobe CS4 was introduced, the experts at T+S have used InDesign scripting for their own needs to create catalogs for customers. The specialists at T+S have mastered the scripting language along with typesetting and layout.

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