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  • Save time and money in the long run using InDesign scripts from T+S
  • React swiftly and flexibly to price adjustments and last-minute changes

Surely you know this situation: The new manually created catalog is ready, just add a few last-minute changes, and then the catalog is ready to be published. Finished once again! And next time? Then you probably have to copy and paste every single price – article number after article number – from a Microsoft Excel table into the Adobe InDesign document. When thousands of prices have to be updated, this activity takes a very long time and in addition, errors tend to creep in.

Do you subject your customers to ancient price catalogs and lengthy price lists just because manually updating prices in catalogs and on lists takes way too much time and effort?

The solution is InDesign scripting.

InDesign scripts from T+S for updating prices first analyze the manually created price catalogs by detecting the article numbers and corresponding prices. Then the scripts look in the available Excel files for the article numbers found, select the prices, and replace the old prices in the InDesign document with new prices.

Each manually created price catalog is a little different from the next. Sometimes article numbers are separated from prices through a tab in a paragraph structure. In other catalogs, article numbers and prices are arranged in a table. In a cross-classified table, the price results from a combination of entries in the table header and the table cell. Custom-built InDesign scripts from T+S take these differences into account. The experts at T+S create an optimum solution in each case.

T+S also offers solutions for cases in which the article number does not even appear in the InDesign document. With a special InDesign plug-in, you tag the relevant prices invisibly with article numbers. The effort taken to do this once definitely pays off during the next round of price updates.

Custom InDesign scripts from T+S update prices in minutes instead of days or even weeks. All replaced prices receive a special mark in the InDesign document so that you can see (visually recognize) which prices have been updated. If a price is not marked during an updating run, it means that the article number in the document was not found in the Excel file. That could be because the article number is incorrect, or because the correct article number is not contained in the Excel table. The visual check gives you the certainty of knowing that all prices have been updated. Some of our customers have found errors in their price catalog this way – errors that had gone unnoticed for years.

With InDesign scripts specially adapted to your needs, you can react swiftly and flexibly to price adjustments and last-minute price changes. At the push of a button – within a few minutes – the current prices are applied, error-free, every time. 100% automatically. 

Please have a look at our new video about how to update prices in InDesign catalogs quickly with InDesign scripting. Also have a look at a more comprehensive view of updating prices with InDesign.

Update prices faster. Talk to T+S about it now.

Update prices using a custom InDesign script from T+S. Discuss your needs with our expert, Michael Tschuschner.

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