Adobe InDesign CC Server

When InDesign documents are to be created, automated, and processed at high speed, InDesign CC Server shows its strengths. That’s why you will find the InDesign CC Server for Web2Print systems, editorial systems, database publishing (catalogs, price lists, reporting) and the personalization of printed matter.

Advantages of Adobe InDesign CC Server

Adobe InDesign CC Server does not have a graphical interface. Thus, it is much faster when editing documents than the desktop version, because the server does not have to graph changes to an InDesign document – this saves valuable computing time.

Technically, the server and desktop versions of InDesign are identical. In practice this means that systems based on the InDesign CC Server create high-quality layout files with professional typography. Since the server uses the same document format as the desktop version, the same document templates can be used for both the InDesign CC Server and the desktop version.

Typical usage scenarios for Adobe InDesign CC Server

  • In the PIM system for managing item data, fully automated data sheets are automatically generated in the background and uploaded to a CMS
  • Adobe InDesign CC Server generates WYSIWYG thumbnails

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