Automation of Adobe InDesign using InDesign-Scripting (WIN/MAC-OS)

Basically, Adobe InDesign scripting enables you to do everything what you can do manually with the mouse — only much faster, automated and error-free.

Create something new

  • Fully automated catalog creation within Adobe InDesigns built-in resources – no expensive plugin needed
  • Automatic filling of tables (for example replace old prices with new prices)
  • Creation of complex structured tables of contents that go far beyond the native indexing capabilities of InDesign

Change existing content

  • Conversion of prices within text objects, tables or the entire document
  • Automated exchange of multilingual content
  • Export texts and images from an Adobe InDesign document for use in other publications
  • Place frames within frames frame-filling
  • Dynamic adaptation of column widths and / or row heights within tables

Connect external data sources to InDesign

  • Connect external data sources such as text files, CSV / XML files or databases (MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server) to Adobe InDesign
  • Transfer data and images from your own PIM system to a catalog using drag & drop – even if the PIM manufacturer does not support this feature
  • Upload images and InDesign objects directly from Adobe InDesign CC into a CMS / PIM via drag and drop

A few short videos of our catalog productions …

</p> <h3>with keyword directory and index</h3> <p>

</p> <h3>with complex fully automated layout generation</h3> <p>

</p> <h3>with tables and positioning images</h3> <p>

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